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*Stock Item* Natural Anodized Aluminum & Low-E Clear Tempered Glass Garage Door [12' x 10']

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- Custom Sizes Available & Other Aluminum Colors Available
- Garage Doors are delivered complete including tracks, springs & hardware
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Natural Anodized Aluminum & 1/8" Single Pane Low-E Clear Tempered Glass Garage Door [12' x 10'] with 36" High-Lift Tracks - Free Delivery



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12' x 10'



The perfect choice to modernize any home the glass garage doors not only transforms garages; it can also be used as an interior loft partition or a versatile patio door to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living spaces. At the press of a button, the garage doors are automatically raised, allowing traffic to flow during gatherings. Closed, they create an attractive wall of windows, adding a panoramic view to any living space. Many window options are available to control the degree of light transmission and privacy. Insulated glass is also available for increased energy efficiency.


  1. Aluminum Finish: Natural Anodized Aluminum
  2. Frame Thickness: 2-1/8" Rust-proof Aluminum Frame
  3. Frame Color Options: Natural Anodized Aluminum, Powder Coat White. (Other Colors are available for additional cost: Anodized Dark Bronze, Anodized Black, Powder Coat Black and Powder Coat Brown)
  4. Glass Thickness: 1/8" Single Pane Tempered Frosted Glass
  5. Custom Capabilities: Size, Finish, Glass
  6. Maintenance Level: Low
  7. Packaging: Loose
  8. Project Type: New construction and replacement

Track and Hardware Details:

  1. Spring Type: Torsion, Oil Spring
  2. Track Size: 2" Flag & Jamb Bracket Jambs
  3. Track Mount: Bracket
  4. Track Lift: Standard (High Lift or Low-Lift available for additional cost)
  5. Track Radius: 12" or 15”
  6. Packaging: Loose
  7. Rollers: Heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers with nylon tires provide quiet operation
  8. No lock hole