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Ready to Ship: Valentino Modern Style Custom Wood Garage Door [8' X 7'] Including Free Shipping $2395.00

- [Ref #5803/7189]
- Price: $2,395.00 Ea.
- Garage Door Complete including Free Shipping Nationwide
- Size: [8' (w) x 7' (h)]

- Stock Doors, Ready for Immediate [Qty Available x1]
- Wood Type: Marine Mahogany Engineered Wood Base & Solid Wood Mahogany Overlay stain grade
- Delivery Garage Doors are delivered complete including tracks, springs & hardware

- Free Shipping to any residential or commercial address nationwide

Our unique designs, quality and industry leading prices set Lux Garage Doors apart from our competitors. Our Modern Wood Doors Collection incorporates handcrafted wood enhancing its classic appearance. This collection combines the modern look of sectional doors with a classical appearance of swinging carriage house style wood doors. Lux's wood garage doors offer prominent features including, vertical grain lumber, all sections are reinforced with a heavy duty struts Support in the back of each of section giving the section extra strength and durability to last for many years.

Wood Types



Paint Grade

5/8" MDO Plywood Base & Overlay

Western Red Cedar

Solid Cedar Wood Base & Overlay


Marine Mahogany Engineered Wood Base & Solid Red Grandis Wood Overlay (Trim)


  1. Handcrafted construction 4-5 Layers (2-3/4" Thick)
  2. Optional decorative hardware
  3. Wood Species: Paint Grade, Western Red Cedar or Mahogany
  4. Wood Type: Paint or Stain-grade
  5. Glass Type: Single Pane Clear (1/8" Thick)
  6. Custom Capabilities: Size, Glass
  7. Warranty: All Lux Custom Wood Garage Door Series including their hardware are warranted for 1-year.
  8. Energy-efficient insulation which is applied using Polystyrene Insulation in the back of the wood panel
  9. Packaging: Loose

Track and Hardware Details:

  1. Spring Type: Torsion, Oil Spring
  2. Track Size: 2" Flag & Jamb Bracket Jambs
  3. Track Mount: Bracket
  4. Track Lift: Standard (High Lift or Low-Lift available)
  5. Track Radius: 12" or 15"
  6. Packaging: Loose
  7. Rollers: Heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers with nylon tires provide quiet operation
  8. No lock hole

Construction Detail Picture:

wood garage door construction

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